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Reasons to Use Touch Pal Keyboard


The keyboard that comes with most of the smartphones is the one customized by the firm that manufactured that particular device. This makes the keyboard to be a total mess since there are some activities you cannot experience. Most mobile media platforms usually give the users a freedom to replace the built-in keyboard with a more interesting alternative. One way of dealing with such issues is through downloading of a third party keyboard app on your mobile device. With touch pal keyboard, the specialists have developed an improved keyboard with a lot of enhancements that offers a lot of experience when typing and sending messages.


The keyboard app is also free. This makes it a more convenient option compared to other premium keyboard applications. You can freely download it from google play store in case you are an android user. The software can also be easily downloaded on the apple store for those who are not android users. The process of installing this software is rather simple since you will be guided all the way. The initial set up will require users to sign in using their Google accounts before choosing the best theme to use. The app will then appear on your phones home screen. 


Keyboard app employs the use of a smart input. It can predict and sometimes autocorrect any misspelled words. The text prediction function can save you a lot of time especially if you want to type something quickly. Touch pal will also suggest any possible word that might follow. In case you want to type a long word then you don't need to write everything. The touch pal keyboard will finish the word for you. It also has a function that can suggest any related words to the one you are typing. There is an improved version of this keyboard called the touch pal pro. This function can offer you smart replies to any message being received on the device.


The default keyboard coming with the phone cannot offer the user a chance of switching the auto-completion of a different language. The keyboard is also incorporated with a multi-language support system. You can switch to any language you feel comfortable with. The phone users also have the freedom to define two different languages language while typing. If you don't like to write by swiping then this keyboard offers the tapping option which is more accurate.